Today’s Riddle: What two things are never for dinner?

A few times a week, it’s good for your mental health to sit down at home and spend a few minutes solving brainteasers.

Of course, we use the brain all the time, even when we sleep, but far from often, we use it to do some proper brain-teasing.

Solving a few puzzles helps the mind in the same way going for a run helps the rest of the body.

When you think of brainteasers, many of us probably remember crosswords or sudoku, because they are both very common puzzles that are always included in newspapers and magazines.

But today, if you look online, there is a plethora of fun challenges waiting to be discovered.

An honest old riddle

Lately, among all the challenges available online, a few old ones have made a proper return.

Riddles are probably quite nostalgic for most of us, as they are a perfect tool to engage with kids in a fun and instructive way.

However, it is vital to concentrate and bring out our curious side. Time to take out that big magnifying glass and sherlock holmes hat to better play the part. Are you ready?

What two things can you never eat for dinner?

Here comes today’s riddle. You will find it in the picture below.

What is never for dinner?

“What two things can you never eat for dinner?”

It’s a really tricky puzzle, and it’s important to concentrate if you want to solve it.

A little clue for those who can’t come up with the answer right away: think outside the box.

If you can not solve the riddle, the answer will be after the picture below.


Here is the answer to the riddle

So what are two things you can never eat for dinner?

If you have not figured it out, here is the answer: breakfast and lunch.

It may feel so obvious when you see the answer, but it is very tricky to come up with that conclusion.

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