Tricky brainteaser: 27 movies are hidden in this photo – how many can you spot?

These are trying times for humanity, 2020 has hit us hard. The coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate around the world, businesses are closing left and right, and now, to fight this pandemic, we must stay at home and isolate ourselves.

Staying inside all day can get boring pretty fast. Luckily for you, there are plenty of different ways to keep your brain occupied. You still want to feel alert, fresh and sharp, so it is important to keep those neurons moving.

Nowadays, especially during this pandemic, there is no need to go outside to find brainteasers – thanks to the internet. You are going to be inside anyway, might as well use the opportunity to exercise your brain.

So let’s have a look at this movie-based challenge, who currently is doing the rounds on social media.

The brainteaser is easy to understand, but then the tricky part begins…

You’re going to find the film titles hidden in the photo below. The picture was posted in a Facebook group with the caption:

“Apparently, there are 27 films in this picture! I’ve not found all of them… can you?”

I have to admit that I just managed to see some of the 27 movies. Forrest Gump and Jumanji are pretty obvious – but the rest then?

At least I had to look up all the right answers and I’ve rounded them up below:

  1. Terminator (eye)
  2. Gremlins (under the bench)
  3. Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks main image)
  4. Jumanji (boardgame)
  5. Edward Scissorhands (background character)
  6. ET (background top left)
  7. Ghost Busters (ghost under bench)
  8. Space Jam (sticker on bench)
  9. Back To The future (hoverboard bottom left)
  10. Pulp Fiction (men behind boardgame)
  11. Honey I Shrunk The Kids (bottom right on bench)
  12. Jurassic Park (shaving can)
  13. Wayne’s World (sticker on bench)
  14. Hook (right hand side)
  15. Harry and the Henderson (by the tree)
  16. Home Alone (writing on the bench)
  17. Predator (writing on the bench)
  18. Indiana Jones (gold statue)
  19. Batman (Wayne’s enterprise logo on chocolate box)
  20. Short Circuit (robot on the edge of the screen)
  21. Never Ending Story (necklace)
  22. The Goonies (bronze medal in jacket pocket)
  23. The Last Action Hero (admit one on the bench)
  24. Titanic (necklace around Edward Scissorhands)
  25. Dumb and Dumber (men on motorbike)
  26. Mars Attack (top right corner)
  27. Big Lebowski (jacket pocket

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