Only 1 in 5 people can find what’s wrong with this picture – are you one of them?

Challenges and puzzles have been a part of my life since I was a kid and I can’t imagine life without them. Also, it’s a great form of relaxation, and quite fun, which is also good for the brain.

Every time my children come to visit me, I try to get them interested in puzzles. It can be anything from cool optical illusions to clever riddles or tricky math problems.

Nowadays, children prefer to sit with their phones all day, staring into those screens every minute they have available, but every now and then I manage to get them involved!

It’s hard to keep track of time while trying to solve a puzzle!

In a society where technology takes care of everything for us, it’s useful to keep the brain active with different kinds of mental challenges! I always feel a little clearer in my mind after I have completed some kind of test or task.

Today’s challenge

I found this picture puzzle on the Brightside site earlier today. According to them, only 20 percent, or 1 in 5, can guess the correct answer right away. In other words, it may be quite difficult, but if you let your brain work, I bet you can find the answer!

You need to look at the image and try to figure out what’s wrong. Something is out of place. The question is; what? Last time we shared a challenge like this everyone seemed to have a lot of fun doing it.

Now, onto the task!

In the picture below you will see a polar bear standing on an iceberg in the sea along with some penguins. What’s wrong with the image?

What's wrong with this picture

Think carefully. If you need a clue, I can tell you that the answer requires some background knowledge about these animals. Maybe that will help you?

Might never happen

Now don’t make it too easy for yourself! If the answer still escapes you, take a little more time — after that, we’ll show you the solution below!

What's wrong solution

As the picture illustrates, polar bears live on the North Pole while penguins live on the South Pole. So, this situation would never happen — standing on the same iceberg that is!

On the other hand, they appear to be quite happy with the situation in the picture, so things might work for the best after all?

Were you right? Then press that share button, and be sure to pass on a fun challenge to your friends!