22-year-old wakes up with weird poop stains all over her bed

Getting surprised by your partner with a romantic gesture is one of the best feelings in the world. Even if you know your partner loves you, getting spoiled every now and then still feels amazing.

However, men seem to have a harder time coming up with gifts and surprises. Of course, they mean well, but the outcome may not always be what the person intended.

Such was the case for Abi Shenton, who got to experience her boyfriend’s clumsiness as he attempted a romantic gift, writes The Mirror.

Abi Shenton was shocked, to say the least, when she woke up in her bed one morning.

The bed was full of brown stains. They were on the sheets, duvet, and pillows.

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“Why is the bed covered in shit?”

When her shock subsided, Abi discovered she wasn’t responsible for the stains. Her suspicions then pointed towards her boyfriend, who had left for work not too long ago.

In an angry text message, she questioned him.

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“Why have I just woken up with shit all over me and my bed sheets?” wrote Abi.

A difficult romance

The boyfriend’s response made Abi both laugh and sigh at her hopeless boyfriend.

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He answered:

“? I left you some choccy stars. I put them on your face while you were sleeping.”

“What was the thought process behind that?”


The boyfriend had thus, in an attempt to be romantic, put chocolate on the face of his beloved girlfriend.

The fact that chocolate easily melts did not even cross his mind.

Thousands laugh at the poor boyfriend

However, Abi quickly realized how funny the situation was and posted the pictures online with the caption “Men???”, where they have now entertained thousands.

So far, over 300,000 people have liked the pictures, and many of the answers are from women who can relate to Abi.

men ???? pic.twitter.com/beVUcT5xHT

— A (@abishenton) March 1, 2020

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