32-year-old was engaged to a ghost – here’s why it didn’t work out

We can’t control whom we fall in love with. So if you find your other half, as long as it is within the law and no one gets hurt: congratulations, love is wonderful!

Most of us have our first crush during school when our hormones first start acting up. It’s either love at first sight or falling for a person we like or admire.

But that’s not the case for everyone. Take, for example, Amethyst Realm. This 32-year-old British woman has only dated ghosts for the past several years. Yup, you read that right, spirits from those no longer among the living.

We’ve previously talked about Emma, who wants to marry a tree. But today’s protagonist has taken things towards a more sinister route. She broke off her recent engagement with a ghost. The reason? He partied with his friends too much, according to the Daily Mail.

In the TV show This Morning, Amethyst, from Bristol, England, talked about her latest love troubles.

Met in Australia

During a trip to Australia in 2018, Amethyst met Ray, the ghost. They got along very well, and in the end, they became a couple.

During an episode of This Morning, back in 2018, Amethyst revealed that she and Ray were engaged.

Amethyst even took Ray to the studio, but the presenters had a hard time getting in touch with the spirit world.

Here is a picture of Ray when he participated in This Morning 2018. He is sitting to the left of Amethyst, in front of the pillows.

Image source: Youtube

But when Amethyst starred in This Morning the next time, she admitted that she broke off her engagement to Ray.

They were in love at first

The couple, who were planning to marry and have children together, parted ways during a vacation in Thailand.

The trip started wonderfully. The couple even had sex in the airplane toilet.

But then everything went wrong.

“He just completely changed. I think he fell in with a bad crowd while on holiday. He would disappear for long periods of time and bring back other spirits to the house,” Amethyst said.

Cleansed him out

The wedding is now off, and the couple has gone their separate ways. Amethyst has cleansed her home with sage to avoid unannounced visits from Ray.

“I tried to talk to him, and I gave him one chance after another, and he just didn’t change,” Amethyst explains in This Morning.

Image source: Youtube

Amethyst has not spoken to Ray since she threw him out but has been in contact with his family, who are all very disappointed with how he behaved.

Happy and ghost free

However, Amethyst has a theory about Ray’s altered behavior: the coronavirus. She believes that the social distance, which even ghosts must keep according to her, made Ray frustrated, which he projected into his wild, changed lifestyle.

Right now, Amethyst is not dating any other ghosts.

“I’m happy, free, and single at the moment, to be honest. Not put off spirits, I’m sure eventually I’ll be ready for another one,” says Amethyst.

The ghost in the picture has nothing to do with the article. Image source: Shutterstock

Below, you can see the whole video.

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