Secrets every woman has but would never tell her husband

Honesty is perhaps the most important thing for a relationship to work. You need to clearly communicate what you think, feel and want from your partner. Otherwise, building a trusting and long-lasting relationship won’t be possible.

At the same time, we all have our little secrets. It’s usually nothing to worry about. Keeping some things to yourself is normal. Yes, we must be honest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of individuality.

Of course, this varies from person to person, but I think most of us have a few little secrets that no one else knows.

Therefore, we have listed 19 secrets that all women have—but will never tell their husbands.

Of course, you should take these with a pinch of salt, but I think you know that!

Everything on this list is up to personal taste, but giving men a few hints about how women think could be fun—at least to spice things up.

They compare you to their ex

1. The best friend knows EVERYTHING—even more than a boyfriend does. Every detail, from his bank account to… the size of, “you know what.”

2. Your hands turn her on—but she rarely tells you.


3. When you are away, she will steal some of your clothes and wear them.

4. Your girlfriend won’t reveal how many people she slept with. If she ever tells you a number, it has undoubtedly been adjusted for realism.

5. She fantasized about being with you before it ever happened. Yes, girls are just like boys in that regard.

6. She has looked you up on social media and probably stalked your ex. A proper background check.

7. At the start of the relationship, your girlfriend can’t help but compare you to all her exes.

8. She’s seen you watching porn but didn’t say anything, keeping it as an “ace under her sleeve”—and thinks that what you were watching was funny.

9. When she says she is done getting ready, you have at least a good 15 minutes before there is even a need to put on your shoes.

A little jealousy is healthy for couples

10. If you agree to meet somewhere in 30 minutes, you should think 45. If she says 1 hour, think 90 minutes. Two hours means three, and so on. Just throw in an extra 50% and you’ll be fine.


11. She wants to hear you talk dirty—say something kinky while making love!

12. If your girlfriend is running around the house in her grandma’s underwear with her legs unshaved, she feels safe around you. Good job!

13. You are being tested—at least at the beginning of the relationship. The choices you make, the things you say, the secrets you keep, the way you act—everything will be put under the scope.

14. She likes it when you get a little jealous—no need to go all psycho though.

15. Many arguments start just because she feels ignored. So it doesn’t have to be about what you are arguing about—all you need properly “see” her.

16. Although she insists on splitting the bill at the beginning of the relationship, she will find you a bit stingy if you agree.

Take hints seriously

17. If she hints that the relationship may end, her friends have already discussed the decision for at least two weeks.


18. Even though your girlfriend would probably never do it, she’s fantasized about being with your best friend. Again, women are just as horny as men.

19. Hints like “Don’t mind me” or “Your phone seems very interesting today” are far more serious than they sound—and you should take them seriously. Hell is about to break loose…

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