This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex regularly

Having sex with someone you like is a feeling out of this world – we can all agree on that.

However, sometimes you find yourselves on a “dry spell,” which means a period where nothing happens under the sheets. The time between coitus keeps getting longer – and it can be anything from the fact that stress and worries have taken over the relationship, or simply that the fire has died down.

Then it’s absolutely crucial to put all your efforts into getting your sex life back on track!

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Did you know bad things happen to your body if you stop having sex regularly?

Therefore, it is worth spending both time and energy resurrecting the spark inside the bedroom – even from a health standpoint. The health-focused news site WebMD, with the help of several studies, showed some of the consequences people that stop having sex often go through. 

Here are the six we consider everyone should know!

1. You get sick more often

When you haven’t had sex for a while, your immune system gets weaker. Bacteria and viruses have an easier time spreading inside your body – and thus, you have an increased risk of getting sick.

2. More stress and anxiety

Sex is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety. Regular intercourse reduces the number of hormones in the body that often contribute to these negative emotions, which causes you to become more relaxed overall. It can also make you less easily irritated.

3. More difficult to get aroused

Surely that sounds counterintuitive? However, this is the truth. If you don’t have sex regularly, for many people, it also makes it harder to get sexually excited when the time finally comes. You could get trapped on a “vicious cycle,” so to speak.

Thanks to the decreased production of hormones that control our sexual desire, men can have problems with their erections. At the same time, women can take much longer than usual to get ready for penetration, let alone reaching an orgasm. 

this is what happens when you stop having sex
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4. Not having sex changes your partner’s feelings

When in a relationship, you start having less sex; it can negatively affect personal chemistry. It can lead to uneasy feelings towards your partner – and it’s not rare for them to look at other people with more desire thanks to all their bottled up emotions.

5. Worse self-esteem

Yes, it probably won’t come as a surprise – but a slow sex life can adversely affect both self-confidence and self-esteem. It is mostly about feeling desired – and if you don’t feel it, it can lead to your opinion about yourself diminishing.

6. Wet Dreams

Many people experience that their dreams change when their sex life is not as good as it used to. Fantasizing during sleep becomes normal – and, in some cases, dreams get too sexual. It happens that people, during inactive sex periods, wake up in the middle of the night due to having an orgasm while sleeping.

See, there are many benefits to having an active sex life! And it feels incredible! So make sure to bring your A-game to your sex life this summer!

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