Wife asks for divorce on her wedding night – here is why

Couples can break up for several different reasons.

It can be anything from simply slipping apart to realizing they are not as compatible as they once thought. Cheating is also a common reason for partners to lose trust and end the relationship.

Now, however, a very rare case has shown itself on Social Media. A newlywed woman filed for divorce during her wedding night.

Her reason is pretty incredible—and probably not something many people can relate to!


The site Pulse came up with a report on this strange event. Unfortunately, relatively few media outlets have, so far, written about the news, so the source references are limited. We just want to be clear that we can’t be sure this is 100% a truthful story.

32-year-old wants to leave her husband

Considering that there are crazy people everywhere, this story can certainly be true. For example, we recently wrote a joke about a woman testing her husband’s loyalty—which backfired tremendously.

However, according to the report, now a 32-year-old woman might have the world record for the fastest divorce request.

It happened the night of her wedding. The couple was supposed to consume their marriage with a night of passion. But something shocked the wife so much that she broke into tears.


When the man pulled off his pants and showed his manhood, she almost fainted—and after catching her breath, she immediately fled the scene, according to AdomOnline.

Admits that his member is huge

The bride was a virgin and thus had no significant experience of the act between wife and husband.

“My daughter is traumatized and wants to divorce. Like her mother, I can feel her pain,” said her mother to the site.


The well-endowed man, who admits that his “tool” is on the larger size, agreed to the divorce. His only condition was that they compensate him for all his expenses leading to the wedding.

Pulse writes that this news will likely rekindle the debate in parts of Africa about whether couples should be allowed to have sex before marriage. Or at least see each other naked before spending so much time and money.

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