Spicy Joke: Wife leaves her husband with a brutal letter

Eating healthy and exercising will help you live a long and happy life. But in my opinion, there is another vital ingredient to a good life: laughter.

When I have no one to exchange funny stories with, I try to search for new ones on my own to keep myself entertained. And maybe share them later with friends and family.

I really enjoy spicy jokes the most. Some people probably think it’s immature, and dirty jokes are always offensive to some Karens or Kevins out there. However, they always put a smile on my face.

I found a great funny story online the other day, and I thought it was so good that I had to share it with you!

Couples share an extraordinary bond, but this isn’t always enough for everyone. Karen, a wife questioning her marriage, felt that it was necessary to test her husband’s love for her. So she decided to pull a prank on him. However, she never could have guessed how badly it would backfire on her.

She wrote a letter as a prank

The couple had been married for several years. Still, the woman felt that her husband was becoming more distant. She was afraid that he no longer loved her.

She thought about her options, and eventually, she came up with a plan. She decided to pull a prank on him to force his true feelings out.

She wrote a goodbye letter explaining to her husband that she was sorry about everything, saying that the only possible solution was to run away. In the note, Karen asked for a divorce and told him to wait for the paperwork and not look for her.

She left the letter on the bedside table and hid under the bed to see his reaction.

Writing a letter
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“I’ll see you in a minute”

When her husband arrived, he walked into the bedroom and found the letter. He read it and wrote something on the back of the paper; the wife wondered what it was. 

life is funny
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While changing his clothes, he started to laugh! His wife then heard him take out his phone and call someone.

During the call, he said, “My marriage is finally over! I’ll see you in a minute Beautiful.” Then, he hung up, walked out, and drove away, looking pretty excited. His wife couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

She didn’t know what to do

Heartbroken, the woman got out of the bed and saw the small message on the back of the letter. She froze for a few minutes.

It seemed like her marriage was over, so she didn’t know what would happen next.

After building up the courage to read the message, what she saw stunned her!

The note said, “Dear wifey, next time you try to mess with me, make sure your feet aren’t sticking out from underneath the bed. Went out for a beer with Matthew; see you at dinner.”

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