Older siblings are the worst drivers, according to science

Older siblings are the worst drivers, according to science

Do you know anyone who is an absolute fool behind the wheel? They are heavy on the gas, their turns are too sharp, they ignore basic road rules, and parking never goes smoothly.

It seems that they weren’t really built to drive. However, according to a new study, there is a good chance that the person in question is an older sibling.

After an extensive survey, British researchers concluded that older brothers and sisters are less skilled behind the wheel.

There are two types of people in the world: good drivers and bad drivers. We attach many stigmas to our driving skills – age, sex, race, etc. But the truth is that those who understand their own weaknesses while driving are the only ones who can be considered good drivers. 

Ego is one of the most significant factors in being a lousy driver. People who refuse to even consider they could make a mistake become a danger on the road. 

Older siblings have more speeding tickets

Privilege Car Insurance, an insurance company from England, conducted a study where they looked at the records of over 1,400 drivers.

The research concluded that there are significant differences between older and younger siblings regarding driving skills, reports The Mirror.

older siblings drive worse

The study shows that speeding is as much as 89% more common among older siblings. They also drive in the wrong lane 46% more often – but that’s not all.

It is 30% more likely for an older sibling to use their mobile behind the wheel, a crime in most American states. Older siblings also spruce up while driving, to a greater extent than younger siblings.

They are more intelligent

These behaviors also have consequences. 22% more of the older siblings in the survey had been in at least one accident. 15% of them in a serious one.

new study

Previous research has shown that older siblings are usually more intelligent. Still, if that is the case, it is not noticeable on the roads.

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