Should you hang your toilet paper Over or Under? Here is the answer

Fighting with the people you live with is unavoidable. Unfortunately, little things often turn into heated arguments that can break apart even the very best of friends.

One of these old, relationship-ending problems is the classic: What direction should the toilet paper roll face?

Thankfully, according to The Daily Mailwe can finally put this old debate to rest, as we now have an official answer.

Since time immemorial, the proper way to place a toilet paper roll has been a hot potato. Should the paper sit over or under the roll? People have very strong opinions about this – especially if you have just moved in with a new person.

The correct way to hang toilet paper

People tend to be very stubborn about how “their way” is the correct one, refusing even to hear others out.

However, now we can put all that trouble behind us – since there is an official way that is proven to be RIGHT.

The consumer information company CHOICE, from Australia, has found a patent from 1891 that reveals the truth about the toilet paper enigma.

70% agree with this

The correct direction is over. Meaning the paper should come out from the front, as shown below.

Image source: Wikipedia

Do you feel that this is the correct way to hang toilet paper? In that case, you are part of the majority.

According to the web, about 70% of the population prefers this position for their toilet paper.

Reduces the risk of bacteria

The patent certificate dates to September 15, 1891. 130 years ago. 

Image source: Wikipedia

After all, the correct direction makes a lot of sense.

You might not consider this, but when the toilet paper is hung “under,” your fingers might rub against the wall when tearing off a sheet.

This can transmit germs onto the wall or other bathroom surfaces, which seems like something to avoid after the coronavirus.

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