Alexander writes sickening list of rules for “a beautiful woman” and the internet is now boiling in anger

In today’s society, there is a general idea about what the perfect woman and men look like. In my honest opinion, that’s kind of unnecessary. I understand, however, that these same ideas shape the lives of most people – perhaps it is inevitable to escape the projected perfection of TV shows and magazines.

If one does not want to follow these outdated “guidelines” – such as for example women having long and perfectly straight hair, or that men should have a six-pack and wear a suit everywhere. I respect your thoughts but there is absolutely no reason to shame or looking down on others for not sharing them.

Rather, on the contrary, having the willingness to dare to stand out from the rest is a sign of strength in my book.

Alexander’s list

However, there are many that follow this old way of thinking, where depending on what gender you have, there is a list of rules you must follow in order to be “desired”. And now, a man stuck with this way of thought, has gone viral (in a bad way) for sharing a list of 12 rules he thinks a woman should follow to be “a beautiful woman”.

list woman
Alexander Cortes. Image: Twitter.

The man, named Alexander Cortes, claims that his points can help women “be chosen” by the right man – and he claims the secret is to follow as many rules of his list as possible.

Alexander: “Listen to men”

I personally think this is idiotic. Of course, no one gets to tell others how they should live – regardless of being a woman or a man. Before Alexander writes another list, he should read a list of books that help you learn common sense from this century. However, it’s relevant to report that this tweet has now incited strong reactions around the world.

And we would strongly like to point out that we are NOT, in any shape or form, responsible for this crazy situation!

Alexander amazing list to be “a Beautiful Woman”:

He also said, according to The Mirror :

“You can use this list to vet women. If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers.”

Of course, most people think the whole thing is too stupid to be true and even if it is, remember the phrase “don’t feed the troll”. However, Alexander claims his thoughts on “a beautiful woman” are genuine.

People online are not one bit amused – firstly because someone has dared to create such a list, and secondly because the contents of the list are misogyny in its purest form.

What do you think? Do you also think Alexander’s list is completely idiotic? Then press that share button, so maybe we can spread the word and show people that everyone can be whoever they want to be!