Shitty man refuses to split the bill – so his date teaches him a lesson

Cheap jerk refuses to split the bill, so she waits until 4th date and leaves him in the shit

Living with your partner, sharing a home with the person you love is among the most wonderful things that exist.

However, finding your other half is a completely different story. Everyone you know has gone through at least one or more bad dating experiences.

It happens to the best of us, bad dates can land on anyone’s lap. From the person you were going to meet not even showing up, to them being nothing like they said on their profile.

This situation can be handled in many ways, but the question is whether the woman in this story found the best solution in the history of bad dates.

In, you can read about Judy, a woman searching for love in the dating app Tinder.

She got matched to Steve, who seemed like a nice and sensitive guy, so Judy decided to take the next step and go on a date with him.

Judy paid for the bill

The first date went very well, Steve turned out to be a real gentleman and worked as a businessman.

After they ate dinner, Judy offered to pay for the dinner, because she felt happy about the successful date.

Steve humbly thanked her and promised to take the bill next time.

bill of love story
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“Forgot his wallet at home”

On the next date, also at a restaurant, Steve didn’t hold back ordering from the menu.

He ordered plenty of wines, entrees, and main dishes.

“It was like a feast, it lasted several hours,” Judy told

But when it was time for Steve to pick up the check, which he had promised, he told Judy he “forgot his wallet at home” and Judy again had to pay for dinner, which cost 200 Australian dollars, which comes down to around $126.

“When I got home I called a friend who told me, ‘He must be one of those guys who wants free dinners,” Judy continued.

Finally, Judy decided to take matters into her own hands.

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“I’d teach him a lesson”

Judy agreed to a third date, predictable enough, they met at another restaurant.

Just like the previous date, Steve was very eager to scan through the menu.

“We went out again and it was another expensive restaurant and he ordered a lot of entrees, mains and plenty of wine. It was very boring, he was saying the same things he’d already said before. When it came to paying, I was thinking, ‘I hope he doesn’t find a reason not to pay’ and, if he did, I’d teach him a lesson,” Judy explained.

Got the bill

After eating, the waiter finally brought the check. And just as Judy feared, Steve said that something was wrong with his bank account and that he couldn’t pay.

Then Judy put her brilliant plan into action.

“I laughed and said my wallet was in my car. So I left and never returned, I did a runner! I was laughing the whole time, I’ve never done that in my life. I just walked out,” Judy told

Brilliant, right? The idiot really got what he deserved!

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