Farmer takes beautiful revenge after McDonald's cut down his trees

Farmer takes beautiful revenge after McDonald’s cut down his trees

McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, wanted to attract more clients to its recently opened restaurant near a farmer’s property in Hampshire, England. To do so, the owners put up a huge signboard next to the road.

However, they soon realized the trees next to it made it impossible to see their sign from the road.

Their solution: take down all vegetation in between the road and the sign โ€“ of course, without asking the landowner beforehand.

Something they would come to regret. As the farmer’s revenge was swift and quick.

This is what it looked like when McDonald’s had set up its sign. The large tree in front, however, blocked the view from the road, so only the top of the sign was visible.

Image: Twitter

The management of the store, therefore, decided to cut down all the vegetation hiding their sign, without consulting the actual owner of the place where the trees belonged to.

A farmer’s revenge

However, it was not long before the sign was hidden again โ€“ by a pile of hay bales.

Farmer's revenge
Image: Twitter

It was the landowner who got to work right away and his response was immediately applauded on social media.

Many think the restaurant deserved it because they cut down the farmer’s trees without asking for permission.

A simple call could have settled the dispute, but now the expensive sign got even more blocked than when it was behind a tree. The farmer sure showed them who’s smarter!

Farmer's revenge
Image: Twitter

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