Beach guest sneaks up on wild horse – will regret it for the rest of his life

A man has become world-famous in just a few days – and not because of a pleasant reason. The man was on vacations on an island off the coast of Maryland, and despite all the warning, he decided to sneak on a wild horse.

These are common in the area and are usually harmless – as long as you keep your distance.

However, this speedo-wearing daredevil decided to act without thinking, so he walked toward the animal to pet it – and his punishment arrived shortly after. With full force.

It was to a beach on Assateague Island, known for its rich and diverse wildlife, which the man in our story underestimated. However, no one on that beach could imagine how things would play out.

Wanted to pet the horse

In this particular beach, wild horses are pretty common. These animals usually ignore visitors – as long as they are left alone, reports Unilad. Obviously, you can observe these powerful and beautiful animals from a distance – and that is exactly what the authorities ask you to do through several warning signs.

However, this person, wearing only a speedo, paid no mind to the signs, or common sense. Several people were looking as he approached the big wild horse on the beach.


Despite all the warnings about letting the horse be, this fool was determined to pet it no matter what. However, he would quickly regret his decision – for a long time. The painful memory will stay with him for a while, and even if it doesn’t, the internet will remind him of the event, forever.

As soon as the horse notices what the man is doing, they try to put some distance between them. But this man won’t give up that easily, he already ignored all the signs and warnings. So the horse responds by aiming carefully – and releasing a powerful kick. It doesn’t just hit the target – that’s a bullseye if I’ve ever seen one. Oof!

wild horse kick speedo

He falls to the ground like timber – you can see a mix of regret and pain in his face.

A shared opinion

The clip has now spread worldwide. Some laugh, others feel sorry for the man, while most wonder why the man expected something different to happen. After all, there were enough warnings.

Now check out the clip below!

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