Grandma gets tired of idiots speeding in front of her house

Grandma gets tired of idiots speeding in front of her house

In today’s society, we are very often in a hurry. There is stress at work, a long queue at the store, and a rush to get home and make dinner. Before you know it, the day is over.

Having no time to breathe or relax can have nasty consequences. Like people driving way too fast on the road, for example.

I will never understand reckless drivers. Keeping a giant metal machine safely under the legal speed limit is not too much to ask. After all, it is for your, mine, and everyone else’s safety.

Of course, the police do everything they can to ensure that citizens drive correctly on the roads. Still, far too many Americans drive way too fast; which is, unfortunately, a big reason why there are some many accidents involving cars in the country.

I myself got a speeding ticket a few years ago, which I am still ashamed of—but it got me thinking. Since then, it has felt increasingly important for me to respect other drivers and drive safely.

Similar to a speed camera

Unfortunately, the police can’t have constant control of every single road in the country, so we also have to do our part. For example, a 67-year-old woman named Jean Brooks was tired of drivers passing too fast in front of her house, so she decided to do something about it.


Every day she began to stand for a while outside in her plot, right next to the road, with her hair dryer aiming at the passing cars as if it were a speed camera she was holding. Of course, the two devices are pretty similar, so some passers-by must have thought she was actually holding a speed camera.

Since then, according to Caters Clips, her neighbors have testified that there is a definite improvement on their road. More and more drivers are now staying within the speed limit—above all, the young people who used to pass at full speed on their bikes.


Over 500,000 people have praised this clever grandma. Although it’s a relatively simple solution from Jean, I have to say it’s pure genius. Moreover, it proved successful!

Below is a short clip of the 67-year-old “on duty” with her hair dryer!

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