Husband buys small dress to make his wife lose weight – it doesn’t end well

Being in a relationship is amazing. You get to spend your days with your favorite person. You get to laugh, cry, and cuddle together.

However, it can also be a bit of a struggle sometimes, and you never want to hurt your loved ones, something that sadly happens more often than not. So instead of being honest and saying what you think to their face, you try to give them a subtle hint.

Which, of course, doesn’t always end well, something that tiktoker Mike got to experience pretty vividly. When he tried to hint at his wife that she had put on a few pounds, the woman’s revenge was pure fire – which you can see down below!

Messing with your partner from time to time can be pretty fun, especially if you have a healthy relationship where neither of you holds unnecessary grudges.

Deep down, you know that your darling is your best friend, so if things escalate, you have to talk about it and sort it out.

“She gained a little bit of weight lately”

It’s all fun and games as long as you don’t have bad intentions, which is exactly what Mike thought he did when he played a little prank on his wife.

In the clip Mike uploaded to the popular app TikTok, he explains how it all happened.

“So I’ve noticed my wife has gained just a liiiittle bit of weight lately. So what I’ve decided to do is: for her birthday, I’ve bought her a really, really nice dress but just a couple of sizes too small to motivate her,” Mike says in the clip.

make wife lose weight
Image: Pixabay

Next to the dress, Mike left a note saying: “Really looking forward to seeing you in this.”

But he would soon regret his malicious little prank.

A wife’s revenge

Instead of getting motivated to lose weight so she could fit into the overly tight dress, Mike’s wife decided to pay him with some of his own medicine.

A few days later, when Mike came home, he found a box on his counter.

The package also had a note with a familiar text “I’m really looking forward to seeing you in these.”

What was in the package? Ten condoms Magnum XL.

relationship revenge
Image: Shutterstock

“They were way, waay too big for me,” Mike explains in the clip, which has over three million views.

Here you can see the whole thing!

Mike chose violence, but his wife chose nuclear eradication! Mike will now think before doing anything like that again!

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