Idiot refuses to put out his cigarette inside a gas station

Fortunately, smoking is becoming less common in today’s society. I guess it is thanks to new smoking prohibitions, research, and just general knowledge about the risks that make smoking such a dangerous activity.

Somewhere where you should never even consider lighting a cigarette is a gas station. It is something everyone should understand by now.

But there are plenty of idiots everywhere, and this particular specimen thought it was a good idea to light a cigarette while filling his car up. However, he would quickly regret his stupid decision.

In the clip below, we can see a car drive into a gas station. Almost immediately, a man steps out, pulls out a cigarette, and lights it up.

Cigarette idiot ignores all warnings

Several people, also there to refuel, try to tell the idiot how dangerous his actions are and point out that he should immediately put out his cigarette.

However, the man ignores all warnings—and refuses to put out his cigarette.

cigarette guy
Source: Youtube

But it seems one of the staff members is not having it. He had probably been dealing all day with entitled assholes that care little about others and their own safety.

Takes matters into his own hands

I can relate—sometimes enough is enough, and when there is no peaceful way to keep everyone safe, you might have to take matters into your own hands.

His perfect response would give the idiot something to think about in the future.

Now check out the clip below from one of the gas station’s surveillance cameras.

The station’s employee pulls out a fire extinguisher and goes to town on the idiot and his cigarette.

Absolutely fantastic, if you ask me. This arrogant douchebag will hopefully think twice before behaving again like an idiot inside a gas station.

Do you agree that the smoker got what he deserved?

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