Girl forces boyfriend to choose between her or the dog, so he puts a hilarious ad on Craigslist

A dog’s love and loyalty are among the strongest things in the world – which is more than you can say about most people. Dog is simply man’s best friend.

Having a dog is like having another family member, therefore, you cherish every moment you spend together, they truly are magnificent companions, full of love and joy. A bond that you will do anything to defend from anyone that wants to break it apart.

For example, this man from Virginia. His girlfriend of 4 years forced him to choose between her and his dog, he did what many others would’ve done – but in a way that took the internet by storm, reports the site Happiest.

This couple, currently living in Roanoke, Virginia, had been together for four years when they decided it was time for the next step, moving together. But the woman had an absurd demand for her boyfriend.

He had to choose – girlfriend or dog

His girlfriend didn’t like his dog (probably jealous), the four-year-old beagle Molly. So when it was time to move together, the girlfriend, full of confidence, demanded the man chose between her and the dog.

The boyfriend did what any man in love would have done in his situation – he made a Craigslist ad.

Image source: Craigslist

“Not totally trained”

In the ad, this hurt man describes what you would think it’s his dog, but then it turns very negative for some reason. I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end. Never mess with a man and his dog.

Image source: Craigslist

I can only imagine (with a smile on my face) the expression of this loyal man’s (ex)girlfriend!

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