Good boy: Police officer makes one small gesture – dog’s next act has the internet in stitches

The police are one of the most important institutions in our society. Every day they go out on the streets to risk their lives so we can live ours without worries.

The same applies to police dogs, they have trained all their life to help our officers protect our country.

It’s fascinating to see what animals can do, from quick party tricks to an entire routine of actions, police dogs, for example, can search for specific substances or even protect civilians in terror situations.

But police dogs, or K-9s, can also do other things – which the amazing pup in the video below shows.

Teaching our dogs to perform various tricks and actions is nothing unusual. It’s an easy way to bond with our canine family. It’s good for them to learn something new and it’s also great for everyone to burn some steam.

Fluffy Heroes

But there are dogs that are raised as professionals, which shows how much potential they have.

K-9s go through special training, are extremely smart, and can follow a massive number of commands.

They really are fluffy heroes, our talented police dogs!

Over 3 million have watched

The German Shepherd in the next clip is no exception.

In the clip below, you will see a police officer practicing with his beloved companion in a parking lot.

It’s easy to understand why over 3.9 million people have already seen the video. An officer is standing in a parking lot next to his German Shepherd, who is lying, completely calm, on the ground.

police dog
Image source: Youtube

A second later, the police officer makes a quick gesture – and the dog immediately knows what to do.

The clip is incredible; I knew dogs were smart, but this exceeded my wildest expectations!

Check out the full clip below!

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