Puppy is sleeping heavily on the couch – then hears a familiar sound

Puppy is sleeping heavily on the couch – then hears a familiar sound

We all know how awesome sleep is. Especially during the colder months of the year, there is nothing better than crawling under a warm blanket and disappearing into dreamworld.

While some people wake up easily during the night, some of us can have such a heavy sleep, that even if there was a demolition a few meters away, we wouldn’t even notice it.

Your brain prioritizes getting proper sleep – and there is nothing better than having a good rest.

And to sleep well – there’s no better example than the puppy in this heart-warming clip. He’s next to his blanket, on the couch, snoozing away. In any case, the doggy doesn’t notice his parent is setting up a food bowl next to the couch while filming with their phone.

From 0 to 100 – in a second

But something will, however, catch the attention of this little cutie. It’s easy to relate to, because what could be better than a tasty meal right after a good nap?

Probably nothing…

You know that feeling, your whole body longing to sink your teeth into something right after waking up. Maybe even dreaming about that glorious meal.

It clearly seems to be the case for this little puppy – from being so deeply asleep to the complete opposite in a second.

puppy snoozes

Now check the reaction in the clip yourself when this dog, in the middle of his sleep, hears food being poured into his bowl. It is undoubtedly a familiar sound – and it is rare to see anyone going from 0 to 100 like this little pupper.

Talk about been deeply asleep and having your nose and ears taking control of your body! It’s cute, adorable and fun all at once!

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