Idiot in a Corvette cuts off truck trying to change lanes – but the trucker’s response makes him an online hero

For the roads to be safe, we must help each other out. Everyone must do their part to make driving a comfortable experience, simply put.

However, some people just refuse to help others, be it letting a car through to avoid accidents or wearing a mask to keep a deadly virus in check. There are plenty of reasons for this behavior, but it would take way too long to go into detail.

In today’s story, an idiot cuts off a truck trying to merge in front of his sports car. Moments later, however, the truck’s owner would strike back with the perfect revenge.

This fantastic video has made millions of people, who identify with the struggles of traffic, rejoice and celebrate.

I think most of us who commute have dealt with it at some point. You need to change lanes, but the driver to your side is having a bad day – and they decide to relieve their anger by refusing to let you drive. Things can quickly escalate when you mess with people you don’t know.

Refuses to be a nice person

This is precisely what happened to a man stuck in a traffic jam just outside of Seattle. He was in a Dodge truck and needed to merge into another lane. But the man next to him, who was driving a Corvette (no surprises there), decided it wasn’t going to happen.

For some reason, this driver was in a bad mood and thought the best course of action was to be as toxic as possible. Blocking the truck from entering the lane.

driving revenge
Image: Youtube / The Sun.

For the cherry on top, since he felt he hadn’t reached maximum doucheness yet, he proceeded to roll down his window and proudly gave the finger to the blocked driver. This last action, however, would soon prove to be his downfall.

In response to the toxicity, the Dodge owner lined up the truck’s exhaust with the Corvette’s window and hit the gas. If you don’t know how much smoke a diesel truck can make when it goes past a certain rpm, all I can say is that you are about to witness some smokey revenge. The Corvette basically disappeared for a few seconds.

Image: Youtube / The Sun.

This toxic driver will forever regret rolling down his window.

Immediate revenge

The payback was instantaneous – and just like that, this toxic driver got a real taste of his own medicine. He soon let his fellow road user into the lane, and his cravings for conflict disappeared.

Someone in the traffic jam recorded the whole thing. The revenge, of course, went viral. And you can see why in the video below!

Be kind to each other on the roads – we’ve all got places to be!

I think that this man did the right thing! Sometimes it takes a “little” push to get through people!

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