67-year-old has several orgies per day in her “playroom”

It can take a while to find out your sexual kinks and preferences. When you first jump into the dating world, you slowly explore your sexuality. However, you have no idea how it will shape up in the future.

Most people find out what turns them on later in life, and for the rest, it might take even longer to figure out what they like.

Siobhan was 57 when she realized that sex with more than two participants was her call.

Since then, she has frequently visited swinger clubs, where she made love with up to eight people simultaneously.

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A swinger is a person, or a couple, who likes changing partners.

“One reason why I may not have married is I think I may get bored just with one person,” said Siobhan, 67, to British Channel 4, in a documentary about swingers, according to The Sun.

She has her own “playroom”

Florist by day, wild mistress by night. This is what everyday life looks like for 67-year-old Siobhan.

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Ten years ago, Sibhoan discovered the swingers’ life, and she hasn’t looked back since then.

“The most sessions I’ve had in a day is probably three or four. When I first did this, I couldn’t believe a twenty-year-old would want to have sex with a sixty-something-year-old, but they do, and I’m happy to oblige,” Sibhoan tells Channel 4.

When she meets men for orgies, she does it in her “playroom.”

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However, Siobhan is far from alone when it comes to living as a swinger in England. According to the documentary, there are over 1.5 million swingers around the country today.

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“Swinging is very empowering. I’m in charge of my life, and swinging is part of that life. The main thing is being in control of my sex life,” says Sibhoan in the documentary.

Living as a swinger

It may not sound so romantic, but the fact is that Sibhoan got flowers from her latest date.

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“It was not really a date. He just popped round to show me the size of his cock,” Siobhan said.

Here you can see the full documentary!

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