Anna & Lucy, “the world’s most identical twins,” are sleeping with the same man

Having a twin is something extraordinary. These siblings share a bond that is impossible for others to understand.

It’s like watching two copies of the same person walking next to each other. When you meet people like this, it might take a while before you can tell them apart.

However, few twins are as close as Anna and Lucy DeCinque. These two sisters claim they are “the world’s most identical twins,” and it’s easy to see why.

It is definitely an interesting view!

In addition to being the spitting image of each other, Anna and Lucy live spectacular lives—which has made them famous on social media.

They embrace who they are and how they live. The DeCinque twins often proudly mention their odd exercise habits and their relationship with their shared boyfriend.

Addicted to exercise

The duo has previously said on their YouTube channel that they are “addicted to exercise.” They often train over four hours daily—even if they feel exhausted.

“We train too much,” says Anna.

Doctors have even told them that their lifestyle is not healthy—especially considering that they only eat once a day.

“We know that’s bad,” Lucy admitted. “It comes from our mom. We know it’s unhealthy, but we only eat at night.”

Share the same man

The twins from Australia do just about everything together. They even have sex with the same man. Ben, 39, is the duo’s shared boyfriend. All three sleep together in a giant bed.

Anna and Lucy have made a career of looking the same. Since they consider their appearance crucial for their success, they regularly undergo various skin treatments.

They even said Lucy temporarily DIED during a failed anti-aging procedure.

A career with the attention

While in a cryo chamber, where people experience temperatures as low as -160C, Lucy allegedly died.

“I’ve never gotten over this.” Anna said, “I remember seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious.”

“I was dead.” Said Lucy. “I was dead for a minute.”

The twins have over 115,000 followers on Instagram. Their unique and sexy looks, together with their extraordinary lives, have given the duo plenty of social media exposure.

However, most people can’t tell who’s who.

What do you think—are they extremely similar? Is their lifestyle great or crazy?

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