Angry vegan demands that neighbors stop grilling, but the internet strikes back with full power

Every day more and more people stop having meat on their diet. There are many reasons for this, but to fight animal cruelty and climate change are the most common (and important).

Regardless of that, of course, everyone has the right to eat whatever they want. Trying to force others into such a drastic change will only be detrimental to the cause.

The angry vegan in our story, however, demanded his neighbors stop grilling because he had to smell the cooking meat during his jogs around the neighborhood.

But of course, his complaint backfired pretty spectacularly on Twitter, reports The Mirror.

It was last week that this anonymous vegan, a man from Berkeley, CA, wrote an open letter to his neighbors asking them to stop grilling.

“Hard for me this time of year”

The letter states:

meat grilling
Image source: Twitter

After one of his neighbors called attention to his online letter, it received plenty of responses, and not of the good kind.

“Must be tough to smell all that delicious meat”

The picture of the letter has received over 1,200 answers already, and none of them are encouraging.

“You could move to Antarctica and solve this problem for everyone…”

“You know what else smells terrible? Runners. Have some respect, exercise indoors with all the windows locked.”

“As a meat bbq chef, it’s always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up and vegan runners start running by my windows.”

“Run faster then, imagine you are being chased by a lion.”

“I don’t want to be a stereotype but I am totally going to be a stereotype.”

“Must be tough to smell all that delicious meat that other people get to enjoy.”

“Vegetarian here. This guy sucks”

The jogging vegan has not yet answered.

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