These hunters mocking images make easily-triggered vegans furious

Nowadays, eating vegan is becoming more and more popular. There are, of course, different reasons for people to make a change in their diet. Some feel better not eating meat, some do it to protest animal abuse and some do it out of concern for the environment.

What it comes down to, of course, is to allow others to eat what they want. We can always a conversation about the future and our diet, but it must be a respectful one, of course. 

At the same time, however, we need to be able to take a joke, seeing it for what it is, humor. Like the new Vegan Hunting hashtag in Instagram teasing vegans for example.

Lately, a new trend has been taking off, and it’s quite funny, if you are not a vegan, that is. It comprises photographing yourself like a hunter would, to show off the prey they hunted, but instead of a deer or elk, the “pray” are vegetables.

I find it hilarious.

Vegan Hunting

The well-thought hashtag that people who partake in these pictures use is “Vegan Hunting”.

Proud of her booty – hunted with a bow!

Those mushrooms didn’t stand a chance!

This asparagus head will hang on top of the fireplace!

Fresh seaweed, fished by hand.

Time to fire up the grill!

These little ones couldn’t escape his fast hands!

What wonderful dummies these vegan hunters are! Maybe take a picture yourself, and press that SHARE button so your friends can have a laugh too!