Grandma, 89, wants handsome men in her retirement home – staff's solution is being praised worldwide

Grandma, 89, wants handsome men in her retirement home – staff’s solution is being praised worldwide

Staying in a retirement home can be wonderful! You meet with peers and share activities, watch television and play games together every day.

But it could get boring, especially with no men around.

Joan Corp, 89, told the staff she was tired of being surrounded by women, so they solved it in a fun, but surprising way, according to Daily Mail.

In England, men dressed with just a small cloth served the ladies at the Milton Lodge retirement home a three-course dinner.

grandma wants men
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“Just want men, men, men”

The staff at the retirement homes are used to sometimes offering the residents a little extra. Joan Corp, 89, had long been praying for a little male company.

“Every time you ask Joan if she wants something, she only answers men, men, men,” says Claire Martin, who works at the nursing home, to Daily Mail.

However, the other residents received Joan’s proposal with delight, so the staff made a fantastic decision.

grandma wants men of all kinds
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The men flirted with the ladies and offered both food and themselves.

Cheeky grandma being cheeky
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The ladies even got a kiss!

A kiss from grandma
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“It was quite a freaky day”

The staff encouraged the women to invite their daughters and grand-daughters to a special evening, where they enjoyed a three-course dinner ending with a massage from the light-dressed men at the end.

“We looked around online and found a company. The ladies here dressed up and were flirty all day before dinner, Claire told Daily Mail.

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Wished they would come back

The oldest woman at the residence, Doll Jenkins, got the honor to sit at the front, and she seemed very pleased.

“The men behaved splendidly, it was a good night,” Doll said to Daily Mail, and according to staff, Doll wishes they would come back for her 100th birthday.

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“It was such a good idea, the women laughed all night long,” Claire told Daily Mail.

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