Handymen make a huge mistake while building a house

Handymen make a huge mistake while building a house

If there is a profession that runs people’s patience dry, it is handymen. They are known to be late – if they arrive at all – and rarely finish on time.

Of course, some are phenomenal, but they are usually fully booked. I bet most people have been filled with rage while dealing with handymen at least once in their lives.

Even if they mean well, you wonder how things can go so wrong.

The handymen strike once again

We have previously written about 19 idiots who were fired the next day – but even they might look like geniuses compared with the handymen hired to build the house below. It’s honestly difficult to imagine someone doing a worse job than this.

handymen strike again
Image: Reddit

If you scan the picture quickly, everything might seem to be in order. It even looks quite nice, and you might want to move on, but if you take a closer look, you’ll soon realize the whole thing is a disaster.

There may be an explanation

One wonders if the workers were sober when they built this house. Or if they were just blindly following the plans of a contractor dealing with schizophrenia.

Whatever the case, this house could make anyone lose all hope in humanity.

Can you see why?

Image: Reddit

The people behind this fiasco have paved the way to the garage on the wrong side of the house.

handymen problem

People on Reddit, where the picture was first published, have lots of theories about this blatant mistake. The most popular seems to be that it is a prefab and that the garage is actually being used as the office of the construction company.

Hopefully, that is the case – because no one would ever pay money for this absolute mess!

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