Here is the world’s largest fossil poop – as big as a forearm and worth a whopping $40,000

Taking a poop is one of the most natural things to do. The things we’ve consumed through the day need to come out one way or the other.

When we poop (or do number two as classy people say), you just want to flush everything down and move on with your life.

But the fact is that fecal matter is a fantastic subject of study. Like the Lloyds Bank Coprolite, which is the world’s biggest – and most valuable – fossil turd, according to The Vintage News.

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite is no ordinary log. It was found in York, England, under the famous Lloyds Bank during an excavation in 1972. According to archaeologists, this “deposit” dates back to the ninth century.

Huge fossil poop

One of the reasons why this old turd has interested many researchers is its size. The fecal snake measures 8 inches long and has a diameter of two inches, which is quite big, considering humans were smaller back then.

The turd’s size means that there is plenty of research to do thanks to how incredibly unusual it is to find such well-preserved historic human waste.

What archaeologists have established is that this poop belonged from a real Viking from the Viking era. He had a diet heavy on meat and grains – and hosted many worms and parasites.

The parasites come from the fact that the diets people followed back then were often awful for the body.

Worth almost $40,000

During the time the owner of this Viking poop was alive, it was quite common to have stomach parasites, and researchers have found that people often suffered from severe stomach pain and diarrhea.

Because this turd is so unique, the value of it has risen to an astounding $39,000. Making it the most expensive fecal fossil in the world.

Today, you can see it at the Jorvik Viking Center in York, England.

Viking fossil poop
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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