Woman gets a ticket for parking 2 minutes too long – the judge’s ruling makes the courtroom burst out laughing

Passing by the store on the way home must be one of the most common stops we make after work.

You hurry in and buy a few things to make dinner, or whatever product is of urgency at the moment. And as long as you find a parking space close to the store, you are golden.

Going back to your car after the quick shop and seeing a ticket on your windshield can ruin anyone’s day.

Trying to contest a parking ticket seldom goes well. This woman from ProvidenceRhode Island, however, was successful.

Contesting a parking ticket is not that common, the time and resources it takes to go to court and make your case are not worth the possibility of it being in vain. In The United States, however, people often go through with it.

Two minutes parking ticket

The woman in our story today found a parking ticket on her windshield after she parked at 9.58 p.m. in a space where you can park for free after 10 p.m.

The ticket was so unfair she decided she would fight it in court, as her clock showed 10 o’clock when she parked her car.

In a video that has gone viral, you can see that judge Frank takes the case, and immediately finds it difficult to not laugh at it.

2 minutes ticket
Judge Frank. Source: YouTube.

Asks if prison time is needed

The judge, who, of course, realizes the situation’s hilarity, decides to crack a few jokes.

He asks her where did she decide to turn onto a life of crime, and questions if imprisonment is a reasonable punishment.

Knowing the judge is joking, the woman finds it increasingly difficult to keep a straight face and eventually bursts into laughter.

The judge, of course, dismisses the fine.

See the entire video below!

Have you ever received a really unfair parking ticket?

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