Lulu plays dead to avoid going to the vet – but her mom has the perfect way to get her up

Dogs are amazing! They are full of curiosity and playfulness. Even though they each have their own personality, most of them will give you unconditional love. We are so lucky to have canines in our lives.

Some of them are also quite smart. Like Lulu, the dog in today’s heartwarming story, she has absolute control over the situation.

Lulu has been with her family for a long time and is usually very lively in the morning. However, the morning the clip below was recorded, she knew she had an appointment to go to the vet.

While keeping a close eye on the situation, her plan was to play dead and avoid the visit – but it didn’t turn out quite as this clever doggie had imagined it.

Lulu does her best to look dead, resisting all attempts by her mommy to wake her up.

Deep inside, Lulu knows the vet visit is inevitable, but she will not give up without a fight.

Mom pulls out the big guns

Micki, Lulu’s mom, laughs and continues trying to wake her up, with a smooth voice and pets. Of course, she knows that a veterinary visit is stressful, but it must be done regardless.

Image source: Youtube

In the end, Micki pulls out the big guns, thinking of what always makes Lulu happy.

She takes out a bag of treats.

Lulu comes back from the dead

Puppies that play dead get no treats, even Lulu knows that. As soon as her owner starts rattling the bag, Lulu miraculously comes back from the dead.

She was saved by the power of treats.

The clip of this stubborn doggy has been seen by millions, all laughing thanks to this heart-melting little devil.

See the fantastic clip below.

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