Dog’s reaction when owner says he gave all the treats to the cat is the funniest thing on the whole internet

Dogs are absolutely amazing animals – everyone knows this. They have an incredible ability to bond with us humans thanks to their hearts of gold and unconditional love. Furthermore, it often feels like they understand everything we say.

Some dogs go beyond knowing when you call their names or tell them to sit down. Plenty of dogs can understand complete sentences and even the context of a conversation, which is surprising and exciting to any owner. You feel so proud when you realize that your dog understands what you want and tries to do anything they can to help you.

There is almost no limit to what our beloved fluffy friends can do!

There are two things that most dogs love, our attention and our food. Behavior and character change from dog to dog, but if you, as an owner, want to get your will through them, pets and snacks are the best tools available.

His dog reacts

In this well-made clip (further down), now seen by millions of people online, a man tells his dog a fantastic yet shocking story about food, snacks, hunger, and cats. The adorable and honest reactions from the pup made me – and many others – laugh our heads off.

Man and his dog

However, the video clip’s biggest appeal is that someone adds a voice to the dog in a way that perfectly matches his reactions. They make it look like it’s the doggie’s actual voice. His mouth movements are in perfect sync with the excellent voice-over. One of the most hilarious combinations I’ve come across.

Can dogs talk?

I really hope everyone in the world could enjoy this beautiful and lively clip!

I’ll never get tired of watching it! Please share this post in case some of your loved ones haven’t seen it yet! I guarantee it will cheer them up.