Dog’s reaction when he realizes they’re going to the vet makes my heart melt immediately

Dogs are beautiful and smart creatures that live every day like it was the last. They have unlimited and unconditional love, joy, and affection for every single member of their “pack.”

The fact is that, unlike most people, they show their emotions without holding back, like an open book. That, is perhaps one of the reasons dogs are considered man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

Again, it’s quite simple to tell the mood of a dog. At least that’s been the case with all the dogs that have been part of my family. It’s always been easy to notice how they felt or if there was something wrong.

Bret Mortimer, a woman from Salt Lake City, Utah, and her dog Fritz are inseparable. The dog’s health and well-being are essential for his partner, and she makes sure he gets the best possible care money can buy.

Bret and Fritz
Source: Bret Mortimer

Recently, she noticed that Fritz needed a dental cleanup. That’s why she booked a visit to the dog’s dentist.

Vet instead of park

Usually, when they leave in the car together during the morning, it is to go to the park and play, reports The Dodo.

However, that was not the case this time. Bret dropped off her beloved dog at the vet. When she came back to pick him up later, Fritz’s feelings were pretty clear.

Fritz feels cheated

Fritz felt cheated

It was total disappointment, Fritz felt cheated.

In a clip that Bret posted on Twitter, she’s filming her dog back in the car. However, Fritz can’t even look at his owner’s face. He sits down and looks the other way – out through the window.


It doesn’t matter what she does or says – Fritz continues to ignore her.

“I set an appointment to get his teeth cleaned because he’s my best friend, and I want him to live as long as he can!” Mortimer told The Dodo. “I felt like the cold shoulder was kind of, ‘Hey, I feel a little betrayed over here, Mom,'” she admitted.

Now check out the hilarious – and cute – clip below!

Thankfully, Fritz wasn’t mad for too long. As soon as they returned home, he was back to his old self – happy and playful. He perhaps realized that Bret had taken him to the vet because it was needed.

You should never underestimate dogs!

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