This police dog’s impressive response to cop’s 1 small gesture has millions cheering online

Some dogs are super smart. So much they often surprise us with the things they can do. And when we think we’ve seen it all, one of these creatures appears out of nowhere to blow our minds away, like the dog in today’s story.

People are calling the German Shepherd in the clip below “the world’s smartest dog.” When you see him in action, you’ll immediately understand why.

I’m probably not the only one fascinated by what animals can learn. The things we can teach them are endless, from easy tricks like shaking hands to very complex and challenging tasks like tracing smells or immobilizing criminals. Above all, dogs have an unbelievable ability to learn, and their loyalty is unrivaled.

An important job

We all try to teach our beloved companions to sit, stay, lie down, etc. The basic tricks. It’s often an enjoyable way to spend time with them. But will it be useful in the future? – Probably not, at least for most people.

However, some dogs actually train to get a job!

Several dogs are working in essential services, support animals, airport security, K9s, and many more. They undergo specialized training and routines. To even qualify for such training, they need to have a specific set of skills.

Police officer makes a small gesture

These little heroes, who support our essential workers, deserve our gratitude and respect. If you ever doubt their intelligence, take a look at the incredible clip below. And if it impresses you, be sure to share it with your friends!

Police and dogs
Picture: Youtube

A beautiful K-9 German Shepherd lies on the ground of a parking lot, apparently just chilling.

His partner, a police officer, stands a few meters away. Suddenly he makes a small gesture – and the dog immediately realizes that it’s time to get to work.

Picture: Youtube

Now check out what he does once he gets to the police car – it is absolutely mindblowing.

The people behind the camera cannot keep the noise down once they witness the event. Most likely because they are blown away by this beautiful animal, who is now also an internet star.

Over 4 million people have seen the fantastic video!

Incredible! Such a smart dog. Dazzling!

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