German shepherd trains to become a service dog – instead takes the internet by storm

Dog is man’s best friend, this is an absolute truth. A dog will love you unconditionally and will always be there for you.

Dogs are family members. They love to socialize and is in their nature to help with whatever they can, dogs are extremely intelligent.

It’s impressive how much you can actually teach a dog.

For example, K-9s, or police dogs, are one of the best resources for the police as they are very smart and have an incredible hearing and sense of smell.

Another example is service dogs, which are trained to help people with different disabilities to live their lives normally.

To become a service dog, they must train rigorously. But before that, they have to go through several tests to see if they are suitable as service dogs or if they may be better suited for something else.

Several trials

The Double H Canine Training Academy specializes in training canines to become service dogs, according to the site Goodfullness.

Of course, some are more talented than others, but with patience and the right approach, most can get through the basic training.

It’s not really that complicated, said Goodfullness. On the other hand, there are many things that the dog needs to be able to handle – above all, being always aware of his human’s feelings and limitations.

service dog training
Image source: Facebook

Too energetic

One dog who went to the Double H Canine Training Academy is Ryker. He is a German Shepherd, a breed that usually has no problem becoming service dogs.

For Ryker, however, that wasn’t the case. He is far too energetic and happy, all he wants to do is play around.

In a wonderful clip displaying Ryker’s education, you can clearly see that the happy doggie has other goals rather than becoming a service dog.

Even if this little devil didn’t qualify as a service dog – I’m sure he’ll find something productive to do with all that energy.

Image source: Facebook

When Ryker tries to fetch a water bottle, his jaw strength makes it look like the bottle is made of butter. When he is supposed to assist a person with a walking aid, he’s instead more interested in playing with the tennis balls at the bottom of the walker – and it also proved to be quite risky to sit in a wheelchair while pulling this strong boy.

The staff loved Ryker – and even if he does not become a leader dog, I can guarantee that he will brighten the lives of any human lucky enough to witness his eagerness and energy! Such a charming animal!

See the full clip below!

What a happy little doggie!

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