Kyle, 36, is obsessed with dating old ladies: “I love dentures and hanging breasts”

We live, thankfully, in a world where you can love and be whoever you want – with some clear exceptions dictated by law and common sense, of course. 

We all have a different checklist in terms of personality, appearance, and abilities. However, some people have a more “extreme” view of what is beautiful, attractive, or sexy.

Like for example Kyle Jones. His story has been circulating the media for the last few years – the reason, which the 36-year-old likes to boast about, is that he likes older ladies.

However, we’re not talking about women in their 50s – no, we are referring to the 70s, 80s, and 90-year-olds, the elderly crowd is what attracts this man.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Kyle Jones lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Aside from the news articles, he appeared in the popular TV program My Strange Addiction to describe what it is like to be with someone who could be his grandmother.

Thinks hanging skin looks great

For Barcroft TV, he talked in detail about his relationship with 91-year-old Marjorie.

“Sometimes I feel like he’s another son – ’til we hop in the bed,” Marjorie said.

The couple has been dating for several years, but Kyle won’t settle with dating only one lady at the same time.

“Women worry about their skin hanging – I think it looks great!”, Said Kyle.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“I keep hearing that I’m looking for money or inheritance, but that’s not true at all – I do this because I like it, and they like it too.”

It was during his school days that Kyle discovered he liked older women. More specifically, in sixth grade when he fell for his teacher.

“She was maybe 65 years old. A bit overweight and beautiful,” he recalls.

Different reactions

The 36-year-old has previously stated that what attracts him the most is the mature personality. However, he also loves their “platinum” hair and skin lines. Although age is not the most important thing, Kyle dreams of being with a 100-year-old. He hopes to experience dating someone without teeth.

The reactions vary as people hear about his fetishes. Someone who has always been behind him, though, is his mother.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“It’s his choice, that’s what he likes. He’s not hurting anybody. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business,” she said.

Below you can see a video from 2014 when Kyle openly talks about his lifestyle!

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