Lifestyle: Swedish man gets turned on by nature

We are all different, and no one can stop us from live the life we want, in the way we desire.

We are entitled to our own opinions, tastes, and preferences – that is, as long as we don’t hurt anyone in the process. After all, a person’s freedom ends where another’s begins.

Mathias Risberg, a man from the nordic country of Sweden, has chosen to live as a “drifter.” He lives in the wild and dislikes wearing clothes.

For most of us, home means our safe space, where we feel comfortable and can keep our life private from the rest of the world. But for Mathias Risberg, it’s quite the opposite, he feels more at peace when he is out in the nature.

“Vague, but wonderful”

Mathias is sexually attracted to nature and has voluntarily become a “Luffare,” a Swedish term that describes something similar to a drifter or the slang hobo.

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This lets him travel around Sweden, and the rest of the world, with total freedom.

“I live as a drifter. I meet many different friends in my travels. I help on farms and sing around town. If I can’t find a place to sleep, I pick up a couple of cardboard boxes and make myself a bed. It’s a pretty vague life, but it’s quite wonderful. I’m very satisfied with it. You are like a king, but on the streets,” said Mathias to Aftonbladet.

Prefers to be naked

When food is required, Mathias goes through the trash containers.

“People throw away so many things still good. I find ripe bananas and moldy cheese quite often and Yogurt becomes a bucket of ice cream. But the best is when you find ten packs of juice still good, it’s a jackpot! Then you get to share them and have your own little festival,” he said.

When it comes to his clothing style, there aren’t any particular garments that Mathias cares about – he prefers to be naked.

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“I hug a tree and moan”

Dating is something that Mathias doesn’t need to worry about as the nature around him is his true love.

“Nature is sexual. It reproduces itself all the time. I hug a tree and moan. For me, it’s a fascinating experience. It becomes a kind of natural orgasm. It feels perfect,” he said while continuing to explain the charm of doing “number two” in the open.

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“I love to do it. I did it several times yesterday. It’s more organic. You replant what you have eaten. Then it is nice to pull a big leaf between the buttocks. You pull with the hair, not against it.”

You can say whatever you want about Mathias’ choice of lifestyle, but regardless of your opinion, his independence is definitely worth some admiration.

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