Nano, 22, lives like a cat – loves to sleep in the sink: “I start hissing as soon as I see a dog”

I think that people who live their life as they want, without worrying about what others think, are amazing.

This is not a funny story but it is so spectacular that we chose to write it anyway.

On her 16th birthday, Nano realized she wasn’t really meant to live like a human, but like a cat.

Nano lives like a cat

“Hisses at dogs”

Since then, Nano has lived like a cat. She feels that she can see much better in the dark than ordinary people.
– I was simply born in the wrong body. I’m hissing when I see a dog, it’s my natural instinct, there’s nothing I can do about it – says Nano in a YouTube clip seen by over four million people.

Hisses at dogs

Loves to sleep in the sink

Nano lives her life just as if she were a cat, which means, among other things, going on all fours and chasing after mice, even though she never managed to catch one.
– I love to sleep in the sink, meow, purr and absolutely hate water.

Nano lives like a cat

What do you think about this? Does Nano have the right to live like she wants, or is it crazy? Feel free to share your opinions on the comment section, please be respectful!