Samantha has the world’s biggest mouth

Even though there are over seven billion of us on this planet, we are all completely unique, every single person. Incredible, right? It’s a strange thing, considering the astronomical amount.

Of course, sometimes you meet someone similar to you in appearance or personality. But the fact is that we all have a unique combination of characteristics. Even identical twins have a few differences here and there.

Some are quick-thinking, some are good at sports, and others have sharp wits. Samantha Ramsdell, for example, has a very unique feature, she possesses the world’s biggest mouth.

With a gap measuring 3.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height, Samantha Ramsdell claims she has the largest mouth in the world.

Shows her mouth open

Over the past year, Samantha has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on social media thanks to her unique feature.

Earlier in November, Samantha was invited to the British television program This Morning and talked about her newfound success.

Samantha showed exactly how big her mouth is.

Image source: TikTok

Impressive, right?

Makes a lot of money

Since the coronavirus, saleswoman Samantha has been making money online with her record-breaking mouth.


Reply to @mwangifiii2 some of these questions though 😂 #lol

♬ original sound – Sam Ramsdell

On the TikTok app, Samantha can earn around 11,000 British pounds on a clip, the equivalent of approx. $13,000.

Samantha also receives a lot of odd requests from fans worldwide.


Reply to @drsnow02 umm…. good??

♬ original sound – Sam Ramsdell

“Some are more normal than others. For example, many people want me just to eat pizza or something like that. But I also get a range of weird requests,” says Samantha in the interview.

Below, you can see the entire thing!

What do you think? Is Samantha right to support herself using her mouth, or is the whole thing a bit crazy?

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