Social media influencer sunbathes her anus to sleep better and be more energetic

Every human living on planet earth is unique. Sure, there may be similarities, but in the end, we are different.

Therefore, is not surprising that we humans search for energy in different ways. Some of us need a quiet evening at home on the sofa, others get their energy from exercising, meditating, etc. There are many ways to recharge our batteries before jumping back into everyday life.

However, the way this social media influencer from California recharges her batteries has to be the most unique I’ve ever heard of. To receive “surges of energy” – she sunbaths her anus, Ladbible reports.

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Meagan, a Youtube and Instagram influencer, lives in California. She made a name for herself by displaying her unusual lifestyle in social media, where she, among other things, claims to recharge her energy by sunbathing her anus.

“30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole”

This means that Meagan gets up every morning between 07.00 and 09.00 and settles in a spotless area to stretch the buttocks in the sky to sunbathe the anus and the midsection for a maximum of five minutes.

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🌞Perineum Sunning🌞 For the past few weeks I have included sunning my bum & yoni🌺 into my daily rising routine. • ☀️Many of you have been asking about the benefits of this practice: ⚡️30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on!⚡️ Taught by @ra_of_earth & @certifiedhealthnut (This is an ancient Taoist practice that’s been around for a while!) Things I’ve noticed personally In my reality since I’ve implemented this: 🌞Surges of energy almost immediately! 🌞Better Sleep 🌞Better connection to my Sexual energy & control of my Life Force⚡️ 🌞So much Creativity flowing through my life!!🧡 🌞Attracting my desires & intentions with ease. 🌞Attracting soul tribe & people who are on the same frequency and wavelength as me. • ☀️I’m spending a maximum of 5 minutes in the morning doing this. @ra_of_earth teaches that 30 seconds is more than enough sunshine exposure down there! ☕️This is truly more energizing than slamming cups of coffee and is a great alternative to consuming neurotoxic coffee & caffeine that can disrupt your adrenal gland health.☕️ 🌞This is such a simple game changing practice!! ⚡️Try it out & let me know your experience⚡️ ☀️You can do this any time the sun is out… I prefer early in the morning!☀️ #NakedInNature

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“30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on.” Wrote Meagan under a viral picture showing how she sunbathes on a viral post in Instagram.

“More energizing than drinking coffee”

Tanning the butt is, according to Meagan, a very effective ancient East-Asian method of getting energy.

“I get more energy, sleep better, am more connected with my sexuality and my creative side. Truly more energizing than slamming cups of coffee, ” she wrote on her Instagram.

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👑I reclaim my INNOCENCE👑 • 🌹Our sexuality is the most playful and innocent part of ourselves!🌹 • 👑We are all offspring of the most high. We are all Sacred beings. We are all children of mother/father god & The Universe.👑 • Unfortunately, our sexuality has been distorted and manipulated to keep us in a state of control, disempowerment, and shame. There is so much programming and shame around our sexuality and our experience of pleasure. • 🌹If we can remember & reconnect with our experience as children- we remember and see how children so purely radiate their sexual energy with such innocence. What was our relation to our sexual energy before we were programmed & before our understanding of it was distorted?🌹 • • ‼️👑The antidote to shame is the reclaimation of our pure INNOCENCE!👑‼️ • • 🌹One of the reasons we chose to take on these bodies was so we could experience EXTRAORDINARY BLISS.🌹 • 👑Bliss and pleasure are our Divine BIRTHRIGHT.👑 • 🌹Our sexuality is sacred. It is the gateway to superconsciousness and our Divinity.🌹 • 👑Sex, along with harnessing & cultivating our sexual energy in a balanced way, is as close to ourselves as we can get.👑 • • 🌹Reclaim your innocence, your utter bliss and pleasure… for this is your Divine essence & birthright.🌹 • 👑Home is returning to our innocence.👑 • • #RememberYourDivinity #SexualHealing #SacredSexuality #ComingHomeToYourBody

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However, Meagan emphasizes that it’s important not to lie too under the sun with your ass facing the sky, as the goal is not to “get a tan on your butthole.”

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