The latest trend of 2020: Crocheted tampons – that can be washed and reused

As human beings, we understand that our bodies have many natural functions. Peeing, pooping, menstruating – however, only half of us have the last one. As a woman, you can choose from many types of hygiene products for that time of the month, each with their own advantages and trade-offs. 

As we currently live in a time of agitation because our environment is reaching the point of no return. To anything you do or use, there is certainly a more environmentally friendly option. This also applies to hygiene products, like for example tampons.

Now, meet the new trend: crocheted tampons. Which according to the creators, are reusable, reports Viral Thread. You can find them on Etsy – obviously, using them might come with health risks.

crocheted tampons 1
Image source: Etsy

Good for the environment – bad for the body

The point of the crocheted tampons is reusability, which is better for the environment compared to using ordinary tampons that you throw away after one use.

crocheted tampons 2
Image source: Etsy

Doctors, however, warn against using them, of course. They can cause serious damage to the body, like irritation and infections in the genital area. At worst, toxic poisoning might occur, according to Viral Thread.

“Don’t use crocheted tampons”

Leila Frodsham, a gynecologist and spokesperson at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, warns that too little is known about crocheted tampons yet.

crocheted tampons 3
Image source: Etsy

“We do not recommend reusable crochet tampons as they have not been tested effectively and could have harmful effects for women. It is not known how to clean crochet tampons appropriately, to avoid any build-up of bacteria on the tampon, and in the vagina, which may lead to toxic shock syndrome,” she told Metro, according to Viral Thread.

crocheted tampons 4
Image source: Etsy

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