World’s scariest haunted house will pay you $20,000 to finish it, but nobody ever has

This haunted house is so scary, the owners will only allow visitors to go in after signing a 40-page document. So they don’t get sued – and before that, you need a good health certificate from your doctor’s, Ladbible reports.

If you manage to get through your visit without screaming the safe word, which brings the experience to an end, you will get a fat check for $20,000.

The McKamey Manor is so terrifying that no one has managed to claim the prize money.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

Russ McKamey, who owns the Haunted House in California, charges only one bag of dog food for his doggies as the entry fee. Recently, he came up with a new theme called “Desolation” – and at the time of writing, no one has even dared to try it.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

Several requirements

Mainly due to the very graphic pictures – which hints at what’s waiting for visitors inside.

“It becomes much harder to get through it because of the mind games,” Russ McKamey told WGN-TV.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

If you feel like you could face this scary challenge, you must be 21 or older. However, if you are between 18 and 20, you can still go in with a waiver signed by your parents. You also need to provide a doctor’s certificate that guarantees your mental and physical condition is good.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

The haunted house staff will also do a background check of you and conduct a telephone interview before you are allowed to take on the challenge. And before even setting a foot into this nest of horror, they will conduct a drug and sobriety check, just to be safe.

Spent over a million dollars

But wait, there’s more. Before the test, you must look through a movie called And There Were None, which is a 2-hour compilation of former challengers who failed to complete the haunted house experience.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

Russ McKamey says he has spent over 1 million bucks on getting everything exactly as he wants it – and from just looking at the pictures, it looks gnarly.

Image: Youtube / McKamey Manor

Now check out the new trailer! However, be aware! – You might need a change of clothes after watching it!

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