Alice, 23, has not brushed her own teeth in ten years

Brushing your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening is the minimum requirement to keep them healthy. As you grow older, you start doing it out of habit. It naturally becomes part of your routine.

Back when you were a child, your parents also did their best to scare you straight with stories about rotten teeth and toothless children. Eventually, it’s something you understand as necessary.

But every now and then, when we push ourselves too far, it’s common to fall asleep without brushing up, nothing wrong with that, it happens. However, we still know how important it is to keep good dental hygiene.

But that’s not the case for 23-year-old Alice, who has not brushed her teeth in ten years, reports The Sun.

According to Medical News Today, you should brush twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

This is to keep the mouth and teeth free of bacteria and the harmful coatings from food and drink that happen during the day.

Has not brushed in ten years

If you do not take care of your teeth, you run the risk of getting cavities or inflamed gums, which can get expensive really fast. Not to mention the bad breath.

But Alice Kid, a girl from London, England, has not brushed her teeth in over ten years.

“I never brush my teeth. It is an awful admission to make and it is one of those social taboos no one is supposed to talk about. But the truth is I don’t bother and haven’t done for a decade.

“When I look in the mirror I can see that they are perfect,” Alice explained.

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Threw away the toothbrush

As a child, Alice only brushed her teeth when she remembered. As a twelve-year-old, Alice had to wear braces for over a year.

“The orthodontist I saw went on and on and on about brushing my teeth while I had the braces in place.

“That might be why I rebelled.

“When the braces came off at 13 – I chucked out my toothbrush,” Alice told The Sun.

her teeth are still white
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Chewing gum

Despite the poor oral hygiene, Alice has only had a single cavity and that was back when she was still brushing her teeth.

Using chewing gum is the only tool she uses to help her teeth, Alice claims that she has never had any problems with bad breath.

“While it is hard to truly tell if your breath honks like an over-ripe cheese – my partner has never made any negative comments,” Alice said.

“They praise my teeth”

Alice eats a lot of vegetables, doesn’t drink or smoke, and doesn’t like soft drinks, which according to her, is the secret to her good teeth.

“I go to the dentist once a year. He never asks if I brush my teeth, so I don’t divulge my secret.

“He moans at me for not flossing but then he usually removes the plaque that has built up during the 15-minute check-up. If he told me I needed to brush them I would follow his advice.

“But for now everyone comments on how lovely and healthy-looking my teeth are – so why bother with the time and expense of brushing them?” Alice concluded.

brushed her teeth in 10 years
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