Swedish Natasha wants to have the biggest butt in the world

The way you look and dress is your choice, as long as you are over 18 and don’t harm anyone in the process. Our world is beautiful and colorful precisely because people are different.

Some of us enjoy blending with the crowd, while others prefer to stand out. In the end, some people end up relying on plastic surgery to achieve their dream looks.

However, a small percentage make these procedures and transformations the center of their lives—which can, to say the least, lead to dire consequences.

Such is the case for Natasha Crown, a Swedish woman who dreams of getting the world’s biggest ass.

Unfortunately, her obsession with her buttocks has gotten to the point where it’s difficult for her to sit down without breaking something.

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Wants the biggest butt

Natasha’s life revolves around her ass. However, her massive posterior has not come without effort. Natasha, who works as a model, has undergone five surgeries where fat has been taken from other parts of the body and placed inside the buttocks. Brazilian lift is the procedure’s name.


Having such a big ass, of course, comes with many difficulties.

“Sometimes when I sit down not so kindly on the bed and bounce a couple of times, chances are it will break,” Natasha Crown told Swedish news site Expressen.


“No chair is safe…”

Natasha has broken beds, so it hardly comes as a surprise that she also has problems sitting on chairs. Natasha herself talks about it on her Instagram, where she has over two million followers.


“No chairs is ever enough,” Natasha writes next to a picture where she can’t properly fit in a chair.

No plans to stop

But Natasha is not done with the butt enlargements. She is currently planning further surgeries to make her butt even bigger, if possible.


“After having so many operations, you always have to do touch-ups. As time passes, there will be some details here and there, so you have to fix them. If you don’t do it through surgery, it has to be treatments. So you have to fine-tune them either way. How many operations do I have left? I can’t say.” She told Expressen.

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