Brat scares the living daylight out of barber – now watch as he suspects the chilling revenge

Brat scares the living daylight out of barber – now watch as he suspects the chilling revenge

Some people just love scaring the bejeezus out of us scaredy-cats who will jump at the slightest thing. For example, there’s no way I can handle haunted houses – and big insects are an absolute nightmare for me!

My kids know all about my fears, so they try to scare me with plastic spiders and things like that a few times a year. Naturally, I don’t let them get away with it without getting punished, but you’ve got to get back at them in a smart and fitting way.

The barber in this clip got pranked by a young brat, but after some mischievous planning with the kid’s parents, he got revenge in a spectacular – and hilarious – way.

The young boy in the video is called Vito. He put a big plastic cockroach on his barber’s table without anyone noticing. And when the barber discovered it, he got the fright of his life! It wasn’t until he noticed that the kid was laughing away that he realized that it wasn’t real. A classic prank if there ever was one.

But then, Barber Jude Sannicandro planned his revenge against the little “brat”. He asked the kid’s mom for permission, and when he got the green light to go ahead, it was time to wreak revenge – and a harsh one at that.

Drops the ear on the ground

Afterward, Vito got a good laugh out of the prank – it’s all in good fun.


When Jude is about to finish the boy’s haircut, he suddenly says, “Be careful, this is a real sharp one, okay?”

With a large amount of fake blood, lots of napkins, a fake ear and a big dose of acting talent, the barber convinces Vito that he’s made a big cut in the boy’s ear – only to drop the “ear” on the floor a few seconds later.


The boy is horrified and is absolutely sure that his right ear is gone – and the enormous amount of fake blood isn’t exactly helping. Vito doesn’t exactly panic, but he’s not far from it. The fake ear on the ground really does look like his own.


The barber and the mom, who the boy calls out for, treat us to a hilarious show before finally revealing to the kid that the whole thing was just a funny revenge prank. They all have a big laugh about it – this young lad sure knows how to laugh at his own expense!


Hundreds of thousands of people have now watched this clip in just a few days. Jude and Vito, who both like pranks, agree that the whole thing was hilarious!

You reap what you sow – and I think Vito will think twice before pranking his barber again! Watch the clip below!

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