Boy tenses up and prepares to break the board – now watch what he does instead

Children are always doing unexpected and funny things. You can never know what antics the little rugrats will get up to at any moment.

Such as in this Taekwondo inauguration, where an adorable little boy makes the whole gym roar with laughter.

To earn a white belt, you need to break a board by striking it hard with one foot.

However, this hilarious boy had another plan – and his irresistible charm made his buddies, their parents and the instructor shake with laughter.

Never gives up

The little fellow tries every possible strategy he can think of in order to break a board. He tries everything – jumping on it, kicking at it, knocking it over, stomping on it — and does not stop, even as his classmates giggle. That’s perseverance.

In the end, he’s successful, and his friends let loose a big cheer.

This cute video has more than 15 million views, and it’s easy to see why. Watch it below!

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