This looks like a regular number sequence, but something is wrong: Can you find what?

The human brain has the habit of playing tricks on us when faced with difficult challenges, this is an important step to learn how to think logically.

Sometimes you guess a riddle or puzzle incorrectly, by convincing yourself that something is right, while it’s not. However, that’s a big part of the fun.

In recent times, perhaps just because of that, it has become a bit of a trend on the internet to test yourself with different quizzes and then challenge your friends to find out who has the sharpest brain!

This test is not something that people get in the first try. If you give yourself enough time, you might do it with ease, but a time limit will add some pressure. See if you can solve it in less than 20 seconds!

Below you have a sequence between 1 and 53, but two numbers are missing. You need to find out which ones!

Prove your skills

I couldn’t find the numbers on the first try – and neither could my friend! Now’s your chance to prove you can do better!

number sequence

On my second try, I was able to find both numbers after counting from start to finish!

Below you’ll see the solution in two separate pictures!

first missing number

The first missing number is 11.

second missing number

The second missing number is 32.

If you noticed on your first try that the missing numbers were 11 and 32, you passed the test!

In that case, you should press the share button below and challenge your friends! Keep in mind that it never hurts to try a little brainteaser!