Mom sends her son to school wearing a “Mcdonald’s” t-shirt

Most kids, especially teenagers, suffer embarrassment from their parents at some point. As a dad or mom, all you want is the best for your babies, even if it puts them on the spot. 

Anything you do might embarrass your children, especially in their teens or around their friends.

The only thing you can do is laugh it off and understand that it’s natural. You felt the same way about your parents when you were that age.

Laughing about these embarrassing moments works both ways. After all, there is no way to go back in time to change what’s done, so kids should also try to find the humor in these little happy accidents.

Such was the case for Shelly McCullar and her son, Anthony. She sent him to school wearing a t-shirt with the McDonald’s logo and the famous phrase “I’m loving it.” However, it turns out that neither of them paid attention to what actually was on the t-shirt.

Shelly lives with her family in the small city of Pampa, Texas. She received a moving basket containing old clothes from a friend. Inside was a t-shirt with the Mcdonald’s logo printed on it, followed by one of their famous catchphrases. Or so it seemed.

Image source: Twitter

The dire truth

Without thinking much about it, Shelly let her son Anthony keep the seemingly harmless t-shirt. Anthony wore it to school, and there, he discovered that the motif was much more explicit than he or his mother had thought.

Image source: Twitter

Instead of the famous logo, a woman was sexually spreading her legs, giving the phrase “I’m loving it” a completely different meaning. 

But instead of dying of embarrassment, Shelly, a seasoned mother, took it with humor and shared the hilarious mistake online.

“Must pay more attention”

Shelly uploaded a clip where Anthony is wearing the shirt on Twitter and Facebook, making hundreds of people laugh.

“I need to pay more attention to what my kid puts on for school,” Shelly wrote on Twitter.

“I thought it was like McDonald’s,” Anthony explains in the cute and hilarious clip.

Embarrassing, but funny! It is lovely to see a family with a good sense of humor!

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