City council refuses to give Ted a building permit

Dealing with councils, HOAs, and other bureaucracies can be among the most soul-sucking experiences out there. Moreover, they write all rules in a very vague and unclear way—not to mention the loops and hoops they make you go through when you need something from them.

However, even if you can bear the waiting and paperwork, it is not certain that you will get what you want.

That’s precisely what happened to Ted Pelkey ​​when the municipality denied him the building permit for a new garage. However, his revenge has now gone viral, reports the Burlington Free Press.

Over ten years ago, Ted Pelkey, a native of Westford, Vermont, applied for a permit to build a garage on his property.

Ted, like a good American, runs his own business, which mostly operates from its premises inside the city. However, when he wanted to expand his business, the municipality put a quick stop to it.

The answer: A Gigantic raised middle finger

According to the municipality, Ted’s applications did not meet the requirements for a building permit.

“It’s just never-ending. They’re railroading us really good. It’s a low-impact thing. We have such little traffic you’d wonder if we were open,” says Ted to the Burlington Free Press.

To express his frustration with the municipality, Ted erected a monument “in the municipality’s honor”—a gigantic raised middle finger pointed straight at the city from Ted’s plot.

An expensive, but worth it, revenge

He carved his creation from a 700-pound block of pine and is said to have cost Ted around $4,000.

Although it required a lot of money and time from Ted, he must have been pleased when he finally got to erect his masterpiece.

Considered as art

That the council isn’t pleased with Ted’s antics isn’t too hard to figure out. However, there’s nothing they can do about the sculpture. As it stands on Ted’s plot and the law considers it art.

The town’s residents, unlike the municipality, seem to find Ted’s “middle finger” amusing. They even created a group on Facebook to pay tribute to Ted and share relating stories about the municipality.

I think it’s 100% in his right for Ted to show what he thinks—and it’s also hilarious!

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