Pickpocket steals wallet from veteran

Something that annoys me to no end is people who can’t tell the difference between what’s theirs and what’s not.

Thieves who take the liberty to steal from innocent people deserve all the consequences that befall them. In my honest opinion, violence is not something to advocate for, but neither is sympathy for these people.

In today’s story, a pickpocket in England experienced true regret by running into a group of bikers after trying to steal the wallet of a veteran on the street.

It was in the town of Stafford, west of England, that the now-viral event took place. A 43-year-old man, according to witnesses, was following a pensioner collecting donations for the Royal British Legion.

Stole the veteran’s wallet

The veteran walked into what the thief considered a secluded street; he thought it was his chance to strike. However, he would soon realize that was a mistake.

Thinking the coast was clear, he approached the innocent pensioner—and cleanly picked up his wallet.

A woman nearby saw what happened and screamed, “Stop! Thief!”, According to the Daily Mail.

He didn’t get far. A few seconds later, he ran straight into a group of bikers from the Oxleather Motorcycle Club.

“Probably wasn’t the cleverest escape plan,” witness Martin Burrows told the newspaper.

Lest HE forgets!

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The bikers immediately caught the thief and held him in a headlock until the police arrived—while giving the man a lesson about things you should and shouldn’t do. 

A biker’s headlock

The man kept screaming assault, but the OMC members didn’t care one bit. So instead, Martin Burrows pulled out his phone to have evidence in case the man tried to press charges.

After a while, the police came and arrested the thief.

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